Leading change

Towards truly African scholarship

Decolonising the curriculum is no small matter, and entails closely examining systems of knowledge production, epistemologies, methodologies and the impact and role of languages in producing new knowledge. At Unisa various initiatives are in place to deal with the issue of curricular and research reforms. Read more. Read more

Cultural change for diversity and transformation

Cultural change requires the disruption of entrenched ways of thinking, acting, relating and performing within the institution, as well as a creative approach to new ways of knowing. For Unisa changing culture is about creating the university as a home for all in their diversity. It is about making Unisa an equitable and transformed university that values all of humanity. Read more

Rethinking systems

As an open distance learning (ODL) technology pioneer, Unisa knows that being in control of systems that support the academic project is the only way to avoid being imprisoned in a technological web. Making technology accessible, understandable and subservient to the intellectual enterprise of the university is very important for linking learning with systems. The university views leading the change in systems in ODL as a major priority. Read more

Asserting ethical, transformative and intellectual leadership

Leading change in higher education is very important for Unisa because the university produces most of South Africa’s graduates. Currently 350 000 students are enrolled with Unisa to further their studies and every year the university delivers some 40 000 skilled and competent graduates to bolster the country's labour market. Read more

Discourse for change

Effective change depends on a clear message and a sense of urgency. Moreover it requires engagement and ownership driven by a heartfelt belief and passion to deliver excellently on all aspects of our multi-facetted tasks. The core work of a university is teaching, research and community engagement, each of which is essentially about consultation and communication. Read more