College of Accounting Sciences

Community Engagement & Outreach

The College of Accounting Sciences views community engagement as an opportunity to contribute to the communities it serves while ensuring that the college’s core business, research and teaching, is relevant. 

The goal of community engagement is to leverage the college’s knowledge, skills and expertise in the accounting and management fields to address societal challenges and promote economic development and in return enrich the college’s research and tuition. Community engagement is therefore a two-way approach: the college engages communities with a view to assist them, which provides opportunities to do more relevant (or problem-directed) research and information gathering that can be incorporated into and improve the curriculum.

The college forges partnerships with the other colleges in the university, as well as with communities, business, professional bodies, government and the development sector, to enhance existing socio-economic development programs by harnessing the expertise of staff to address societal needs where possible.

The choice of community engagement projects in the college is determined by the needs of the community (however defined or identified), and whether the college has the requisite expertise to respond appropriately. Some of the projects the college is currently involved in are listed below.

Last modified: 2021/05/27