Animal production and wildlife research

The research focuses on the health, nutrition and welfare of domestic and wild animals in South Africa. Attention is paid to non-conventional feed resources, feeding strategies and health and food safety concerns. Animal breeding, production and livestock extension are also researched with specific attention to livestock and wildlife diseases that may be specific to South Africa or the broader African context.

The Applied Behavioural Ecology & Ecosystem Research Unit (ABEERU) conducts basic and applied research to solve industry-related problems within the field of nature conservation. Its research is aimed at acquiring knowledge on indigenous wildlife and vegetation (species and ecosystems) in the natural environment as well as the monitoring of their reaction to different management measures. The scope of research conducted by ABEERU focuses on the reaction of all components (biotic and abiotic) of ecosystems to changes in the urban and natural environment. ABEERU has three permanent research sites in three different biomes where various research projects are undertaken by national and international researchers and their students.

Last modified: 2019/09/11