Climate change, environmental, geographic, geomorphology research

The research is very specific to CAES with researchers investigating the effect of climate change on land, vegetation, humans and animals. Climate change research includes studies addressing concerns related to environmental pollution, substances harmful to the environment (ecotoxicology)and remediation studies and identifying the possible relationship to climate change. The newly established Climate Change Collaboration Centre supports and promotes climate change-related studies conducted by CAES, in conjunction with the University of Pretoria and the ARC-Institute for Soil, Climate and Water. Water-related research, as one of the most important resources in South Africa, features in this research area which includes waste water and natural water management and its effect on society, animals and the environment. The earth in terms of its geomorphology is a further focus of researchers at CAES which includes Geographic Information System-related research within this field.

Last modified: 2019/09/11