Department of Geography

Prof NJ Kotze

College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
School of Ecological and Human Sustainability
Department: Geography
Associate Professor
Tel: 011 471 2403


  • DPhil Geography (University of Stellenbosch, 2002)

NRF Rating


Currently teaching

  • GGH4802 - The Geography of Everyday Living in Human Settlements
  • HRGGH82 -The Geographer as a Researcher

Fields of academic interests

  • Housing
  • Urban change

Field of Specialisation

  • Urban Geography


  • Kelso, C. & Kotze, N. (2016) From the Rand Afrikaans Universiteit to the University of Johannesburg: An inclusive South African University. In Visser, G., Donaldson, R. & Seethal, C. (2016) (Eds) The Original and Growth of Geography as Discipline at South African Universities. Sun Press, Stellenbosch.

Journal articles

  • Kotze, N. & De Vries, L. (2019) Resuscitating the African giant: urban regeneration and inner city redevelopment initiatives along the ‘Corridors of Freedom’ in Downtown Johannesburg. Geographia Polonica, 92(1).
  • De Vries, L & Kotze, N. (2016) The revitalization of parks and open spaces in downtown Johannesburg. Urban Izziv, 27 (1), 123-131.
  • Kotze, N. (2015) Johannesburg’s Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit System: Perceptions and Reality of Service Delivery. In Goodman, S., Human, G., Mulenga, C., Priilald, D. and Robertson, J. (Eds) Management in South Africa: Changes, Challenges and Opportunity. Proceeding of the 27th Conference of SAIMS – 2015, The South African Institute for Management Scientists, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Monare, P.T., Kotze, N. & McKay, T.M. (2014) A second wave of gentrification: The case of Parkhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa. Urbani Izziv, 25 (Supplement), 109-122.
  • Scheepers, H., Kotze, N. & Scheepers, L. (2014) The environmental impact of energy sources used by households in Bela-Bela Township, South Africa. In Kotze, N., Donaldson, R. & Visser, G. (Eds) Living in a Changing Urban Landscape. Proceeding of the IGU Urban Geography Commission, Johannesburg & Stellenbosch, South Africa.
  • Kotze, N. (2013) A community in trouble? The impact of gentrification on the Bo-Kaap, Cape Town. Urban Izziv.
  • Kgote, T. & Kotze, N. (2013) Visitor perception and attitudes towards the tourism product offered by Pilansberg National Park, South Africa. AJPHERD (Supplement 2), 323-335.
  • Donaldson, R, Kotze, N., Visser, G., Park, J., Wally, N., Zen, J. & Vieyra, O. (2013) An uneasy match: Neoliberalism, Gentrification and Heritage Conservation in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa. Urban Forum, 24(2), 173-183.
  • Visser, G., & Kotze, N. (2008) New-build gentrification in central Cape Town, South Africa. Urban Studies, 45(12), 2565-2593.
  • Kotze, N. & Donaldson, S.E. (1998) Residential desegregation in South African cities: A comparative study of Bloemfontein and Pietersburg. Urban Studies, 35(3), 467-477.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • Society of South African Geographers (SSAG)
    • Council Member of SSAG (2002-2005) and Treasurer (2004-2005).
    • Council member and Treasurer (2013 0 2018).
  • International Geography Union (IGU) Urban Commission
    • Member of the steering committee and representative for Africa (2013 – 2016)


  • Johannesburg CBD redevelopment