Unesco - Unisa Africa Chair in nanoscience and nanotechnology

Targeted activities and beneficiaries

The mid- and long-term deliverables of the multi-disciplinary nano-programs of the U2ACN2 are:

  • Implementation of a postgraduate human capital development,
  • Implementation of an inclusive continental human capital mobility,
  • Sustainable technical training within a postgraduate nanodiploma,
  • Strategic partnerships with international cooperation agencies,
  • Proactive bilateral & multilateral cooperation programs,
  • Joint and co-diploma both within Africa and internationally,
  • Access to large R&D facilities/infrastructure within/out of the continent,
  • Fundraising & top-up for non-South African junior fellows,
  • Access to UNISA e-library (The largest and most diverse library in Africa),
  • Implementation of public awareness nano-programs,
  • Implementation of specific nano-projects with a direct societal
  • focus: “Adopt a learner flagship project” with SAASTA, “Girls in science and technology” with l’Oréal-UNESCO,
  • Implementation of an entrepreneurial nano-program/training,
  • Multi-institutional co-authorship of ISI peer-reviewed publications,
  • Multi-institutional books’ co-edition,
  • Organization & joint participation in international/regional nano-events,
  • Regular webinars and video-conferencing,
  • Global visibility via an updated chair website,
  • Contributions in standard media, marketing brochures & annual reports.

Last modified: 2020/03/26