Postgraduate Bursaries

We are proud to announce the establishment of the new Postgraduate Bursaries Administration Office within the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Department of the College of Graduate Studies.

The College of Graduate Studies has entered into a strategic partnership with the Division of Student Funding to jointly manage the postgraduate bursary processes through the Postgraduate Bursaries Office.

The core purpose of the office is to provide financial support to postgraduate students through a student-centred platform and assist the university in attracting and supporting postgraduate students in delivering quality research outputs.


We would like to thank all the applicants who have applied for the 2021 UNISA Postgraduate Bursaries and for being patient with the process thereof.

Postgraduate diploma and Honours bursary

The honours and postgraduate diploma bursaries aim to assist students with their Unisa tuition fees, thus enabling them to register and complete their qualifications.

Master’s and doctoral bursary

The master's and doctoral bursaries aim to assist students with their research activities and tuition fees, enabling them to register for and complete their degrees.