College of Education


There are currently 5 flagship projects within the College of Education (CEDU)

Flagship Description Project leader Contact  details Niche areas
Flagship 1: The Role of Education in Promoting Social Change in South   Africa and Sweden This project looks at the role of education in   promoting social justice within a context of sustainable development,   cultural diversity, inclusive education and citizenship. Specifically it sets   out to explore the potential of teachers and learners as change agents in   their respective countries and, it is to be hoped, globally. To do this, it   looks closely at the curriculum in both Sweden and South Africa. Prof L Mnguni +27 12 429 4614  
Flagship 2: Project for inclusive early childhood care and   education (PIECCE) This is a multi-sectoral teacher education project   that aims to professionalise the sector by developing a standardised framework   for the training of ECD practitioners working in the birth-to-four age group.   Unisa is a leading partner, with five members from the Department of ECE and   two members from the Department of Inclusive Education. The other   collaborators are SAIDE, Bridge, Rhodes University and ten other universities   and TVET colleges from around the country. Prof H Ebrahim +27 12 429 4583 1 & 4
Flagship 3: The dynamics of teaching and learning spaces in   South African schools This project explores the manner in which South   African school spaces enable or constrain optimal teaching and learning in   various school contexts. The project further evaluates the manner in which   school spaces may be organised either to change the constraining issues or to   enhance the enabling ones for more effective teaching and learning processes   in schools. Dr N Madikizela-Madiya +27 12 429 4698
1 & 6
Flagship 4: Supporting TVET Lecturers to obtain masters degrees   through intensive cohort supervision This is a clollaborative project between Unisa and   TVET Colleges in North West and Free State. It supports a cohort of lecturers   from TVET Colleges to attain their master’s degree. Prof SP Mokoena +27 12 429 3129 5
Flagship 5: The dynamics of higher education space and place    in Sub-Saharan Africa This is a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary and   cross-border research project. The project focus on a least researched area   in higher education research, namely the dynamics of space for academic   practice. There is a dearth of research into higher education spaces from a   comparative and philosophical point of view. The project seeks to understand   the ways in which spaces enable or constrain academic practices, especially   in the education field. Dr N Madikizela-Madiya +27 12 429 4698
1 & 6
Flagship 6: Effective student support for student success at the   College of Education The aim of the project is to investigate ways in   which effective student support frameworks can be developed to leverage student   success. Unisa is a mega university that is recognised as the only dedicated   distance education provider on the African continent. However, concerns have   been raised about the university’s student success rates. Prof M Letseka +27 12 429   8507
Flagship 7: Interactive E - Assessment Teaching Practice   Application (ATPA) For Teacher Education The project involves the development of a Teaching Practice   assessment application to be used during the Teachers' Training Program. In South Africa and   elsewhere, this segment of teacher education is crucial during the training period of teachers. Prof NM Davids +27 12 429   6117 5
Flagship 8: Evaluating Ethiopian postgraduate student support   services in an open and distance learning institution The aim of this research project is to evaluate the impact   of student support services offered to the Ethiopian postgraduate students   enrolled at Unisa. This multi-phase research project evaluates the   postgraduate student support services offered to the Ethiopian students by   the College of Education (CEDU) at the University of South Africa (Unisa).   The focus is on student support services related to research initiatives and   programmes facilitated by CEDU staff members to postgraduate students in   Ethiopia. The CEDU postgraduate student support project is part of Unisa’s   wide educational mandate, which emanated from a memorandum of understanding   signed in 2008 by the government of Ethiopia and Unisa. Prof MT Gumbo +27 12 429   3339
1 & 5


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