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New Qualification: BA General major in Archives and Records Management

BA General major in Archives and Records Management

The Department of Information Science at UNISA offers a BA General major in Archives and Records Management.

Information regarding the Bachelor of Arts General major in Archives and Records Management:

The archives and records management bachelor is a major that forms part of the BA General in the College of Human Sciences. That is, it is a BA General with a major consisting of Archives and Records Management modules.

It is a three year qualification on NQF level 7, and it is made up of 360 credits.

The qualification code is 99311.

When registering for a BA General with any major, you need to complete thirty (30) modules altogether. These modules can be found on the UNISA College of Human Sciences website:

When choosing the modules, they need to be comprised as follows:

  • Ten of these modules need to come from your so-called ‘first major’. In this case, these are your ten archives and records management modules, and include the following:
    • Managing records – ARM1502
    • Managing archives – ARM1503
    • Audio-visual archiving – ARM2601
    • Organising records: classifications systems - ARM2602
    • Appraisal and disposal of archival records –ARM2603
    • Legislation and standards in archives and records management – ARM3701
    • ICT applications in archives and records management - ARM3702
    • Organising archives: arrangement and description – ARM3703
    • Preservation management of archives and records - ARM3704
    • Archival programming and advocacy – ARM3705

  • Other than  your 1st major,  you also need to register for a ‘second major’ of your choice. The 2nd major is also made up of 10 modules. You can choose any 2nd major. For example you can choose to do a 2nd major in information science, or a 2nd major in history (whichever you choose, you will have to do ten modules for the 2nd  major as well).
  • Finally, to complete the 30 modules that make up a BA General, you will also need to complete ten additional modules. These may include for instance, a computer literacy module, a language module, etc.

For more information please contact UNISA Registrations, by SMS’ing or emailing them at:

SMS: 43578 or 32695

Please include the name of the qualification, and the qualification code, in your message to UNISA.

You can also contact UNISA Registrations, to find out when applications open, by phoning: Tel. (012) 441-5536/5539/5548/5521, or by accessing the UNISA website at

You can access the UNISA website for information on the qualification at:

We would also suggest that you contact your UNISA Regional branch. The registrations officer at the office will be able to give you further advice on how to ‘build up’ your modules for a BA General major. When you contact your Registrations office, please explain to them that it is a major in archives and records management that you want to register for.

You can also contact the course coordinator for the BA General major in Archives and Records Management:

Prof Tony Rodrigues
Department of Information Science
Theo van Wijk Building, 10-170

Tel: 012 429 6568/6071
E-mail: or

Last modified: 2018/05/24