Department of History

Welcome to our web site. Our Department of History has been teaching courses in African, European and World history since 1946. We have a special focus on South African history which reflects our grounding in a society which in recent years has experienced enormous social changes leading to the democratic elections of 1994 and subsequent constitutional change under the African National Congress. We offer courses which look at the historical forces of colonialism, apartheid and political liberation that have shaped our present democracy. Since we are part of the African continent and on account of our Dutch and British colonial past, we also offer courses that explore these connections.

We offer a whole suite of undergraduate modules/courses delivered in two semesters annually. The exciting range of World History and African History options reflects the latest research in many fields. Our tutorial system encourages an interactive approach to learning, drawing on the resources of our excellent library. Our degree programmes, which include specialisation in Global Studies, African Studies and interdisciplinary Historical Studies, are also flexible to allow students the opportunity to pursue their own interests.

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Mrs A Theron
Tel: 012 429 6842

Last modified: 2016/10/09