College of Law

Announcement for CLAW students on 2020 May/June examination

The College of Law is putting mechanisms in place to ensure that Teaching and Learning continues regardless of the unprecedented effects of COVID 19 on all of us.  The May/June 2020 examination will continue. However, it will not be venue-based assessment. We will instead, make use of alternative online assessment modes for each module. Details about the alternative assessment for each module will be communicated to you, by your lecturer on the myUnisa module platform and in Tutorial Letter 201. This information will be available on myUnisa early in May 2020.

  1.  We are aware that some of you may experience challenges relating to access to devices and data, which will make it difficult for you to write assessment online. In case you are unable to write and submit your assessment by the closing time for the May/June 2020 examination, your assessment will automatically be deferred, free of charge, to the Oct/Nov 2020 examination and the Oct/Nov 2020 examination will be considered your first examination.

  2. Where you choose to defer your May/June 2020 examination to the Oct/Nov 2020 examination, you will be allowed to register for modules in Semester 2, including those that require prerequisites on condition that you have passed your formative assessments.

  3. Please do not attempt to write the May /June 2020 examination if you are not ready to do so.

  4. As the examination will be online, you are required to comply with all online examination rules and procedures. You should make sure that you write and submit your own individual work. In other words, you must not discuss your examination answers with anyone. We reserve the right to submit your work to an electronic program to check whether the answers submitted have been copied from internet sources and/or from other students. If it is found that the work has been plagiarised, you will be awarded a mark of 0% and you may also be subjected to disciplinary proceedings by the University since the University views acts of copyright infringement and plagiarism as a serious offence. Plagiarism is the act of taking words, ideas and thoughts of others and presenting them as your own without acknowledging the owner or source of those ideas. The Disciplinary Code is found in My Studies Brochure and is being provided to you upon your registration.  You should familiarise yourself with the Disciplinary Code, particularly chapter 3 (1.19) in conjunction with UNISA’s Policy on Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism. Click here for more information on Plagiarism.

  5. NB: Reminder: Assignments 1 and 2 for Semester 1 were deferred to the 24 April and 8 May 2020, respectively. All assignments should be submitted on the online platform.

  6. If you have any enquiry regarding your specific module, please contact your lecturer on the email address provided in Tutorial Letter 101 of your module.

  7. For any query regarding ICT assistance, please email the following persons at ICT section:

 We wish you all the best with your studies!

Publish date: 2020/04/24