College of Science, Engineering & Technology

Unpacking the impact of Africa's energy crisis

In his inaugural lecture, the College of Science, Engineering and Technology's Prof Adedayo Ademola Yusuff said that tapping into renewable energy sources is a necessity in terms of the socioeconomic development of Africans. Read more

A class act for Unisa School of Engineering

The new configuration of the departments in the SoE will align it with global trends in engineering education and research and ready it for the growth in enrolment projected by the 2020 Engineering PQM, which uniquely includes advanced diplomas that offer an articulation pathway for students holding the National Diploma. Read more

Unlocking the potential of universities

Unisa’s College of Science, Engineering, and Technology successfully hosted a webinar geared towards exploring the entrepreneurial capacity that is not always tapped from research and academic activities in higher education. Read more