Topology Research Flagship

Flagship Project Leader: Prof  Themba Dube


This flagship projects focuses on three topics within the broad field of Topology:

  • Topological Algebraic Structures: The main emphasis is on topological semi groups.
  • Classical Analysis and General Topology Pointfree Topology.
  • Differential topology and algebraic topology on the background sets of symplectic geometry on manifolds, Frölicher spaces and diffeologies, with applications to the modern modelling of dynamical systems (Hamiltonian and Lagrangian more specifically)

Research aim:

  • To conduct high-level research in Topology and publish results in esteemed journals that publish topology-related papers.
  • Development/Capacity Building aims:
  • To position Unisa as one of the preferred institutions within Africa for students to read for masters and doctoral degrees in Topology

Last modified: 2017/05/08