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College of Science, Engineering and Technology
School of Engineering
Department: Civil and Chemical Engineering
Tel: 011 471 2761


  • PhD (Wits)
  • BSc Engineering (Chemical) (Wits)

NRF Rating


Fields of academic interests

Research interest

  • Fischer Tropsch Synthesis
  • Environmental Catalysis: SO2 Reduction
  • Environmental issues relating to heavy metals

Field of Specialisation

  • Heterogeneous Catalysis

Journal articles

Selected publications

  • TN Phaahlamohlaka, DO Kumi, MW Dlamini, LL Jewell, NJ Coville (2016) Ruthenium nanoparticles encapsulated inside porous hollow carbon spheres: A novel catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. Catalysis Today, 275, 76 - 83. DOI information: 10.1016/j.cattod.2015.11.034.
  • MW Dlamini, DO Kumi, TN Phaahlamohlaka, AS Lyadov, DG Billing, LL Jewell, NJ Coville (2015) Carbon Spheres Prepared by Hydrothermal Synthesis—A Support for Bimetallic Iron Cobalt Fischer–Tropsch Catalysts. ChemCatChem, 7(18) 3000 -  3011. DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201500334.
  • H. Xiong, L.L. Jewell, N.J. Coville (2015) Shaped Carbons as Supports for the Catalytic Conversion of Syngas to Clean Energy. ACS Catalysis, 5(4) 2640-2658.
  • H. Xiong, M.A.M. Motchelaho, M. Moyo, L.L. Jewell, N.J. Coville (2015) Effect of group I alkali promoters on Fe/CNT catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Fuel, 150, 687-696.
  • J. Gorimbo, B. Taenzana, K. Kapanji, L.L. Jewell (2014) Equilibrium ion exchange studies of Ni2+ on homoionic forms of clinoptilolite, South African Journal of Science, 110 (5-6) 71-77.
  • H. Xiong, M. Moyo, M. A. Motchelaho, Z. N. Tetana, S. M.A Dube, L. L. Jewell, N. J. Coville (2014) Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Iron catalysts supported on N-doped carbon spheres prepared by chemical vapour deposition and hydrothermal approaches, Journal of Catalysis, 311, 80-87.
  • H. Xiong, M.A.M. Motchelaho, M. Moyo, L.L. Jewell, N.J. Coville (2013) Cobalt catalysts supported on a micro-coil carbon in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis: A comparison with CNTs and CNFs, Catalysis Today, 214, 50 – 60.
  • K. Jalama, J. Kabuba, H. Xiong, L.L. Jewell (2012) Co/TiO2 Fischer-Tropsch catalyst activation by synthesis gas, Catalysis Communications, 17, 154-159.
  • H. Xiong, M.A.M. Motchelaho, M. Moyo, L.L. Jewell, N.J. Coville (2011) Correlating the preparation and performance of cobalt catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes and carbon spheres in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, Journal of Catalysis 278, 26-40.
  • H. Xiong, M. Moyo, M. Rayner, L.L. Jewell, D. Billing, N.J. Coville (2010) Autoreduction and catalytic performance of a cobalt Fischer-Tröpsch synthesis catalyst supported on nitrogen doped carbon spheres, ChemCatChem, Volume 2, Issue 5, Date: May 10, 514-518.
  • U.M. Graham, A. Dozier, R.A. Khatri, M.C. Bahome, L.L. Jewell, S.D. Mhlanga, N.J. Coville and B.H. Davis (2009) Carbon Nanotube Docking Stations: A New Concept in Catalysis, Catalysis Letters, 129: 39-45.
  • Bahome, M.C.; Jewell, L.L.; Padayachy, K.; Hildebrandt, D.; Glasser, D.; Datye, A.K.; Coville, N.J. (2007) Fe-Ru Small Particle Bimetallic Catalysts Supported on Carbon Nanotubes for use in Fischer-Tröpsch Synthesis, Applied Catalysis A: General, 328, 243-251.
  • Jewell, L.L.; Davis, B.H. (2006) Review of Adsorption and Absorption in the hydrogen palladium system, Applied Catalysis A: General, 310, 1-15.
  • Bahome, M.C.; Jewell, L.L.; Hildebrandt, D.; Glasser, D.; Coville, N.J. (2005) Fischer-Tröpsch Synthesis over Iron Catalysts Supported on Carbon Nanotubes, Applied Catalysis A: General, 287, 60-67.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

Professional affiliation


Short Biography
Linda Jewell is currently Chair of the Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Africa (Unisa).

Her PhD focused on Heterogeneous Catalysis and was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Applied Energy Research in Lexington, Kentucky. She then spent two years in industry before her appointment at Wits as a Senior Research Officer. She became a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering at Wits in June 2004 and was promoted to Associate Professor in October 2010. She joined Unisa in January 2013; she was promoted to Professor of Chemical Engineering in 2015.

Awards and hounours

  • NRF C2 rated Researcher (2016-2021)
  • NRF C3 rated Researcher (2010-2015)
  • Best Researcher Award, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of the Witwatersrand, 2010