Department of Physics

Prof MS Dhlamini

College of Science, Engineering and Technology
School of Science
Department: Physics
Tel: 011 670 9070


  • PhD (Physics):                       University of the Free State
  • MSc. (Physics):                      University of the Free State
  • BSc. Hons. (Physics):            University of the Free State
  • BSc. (Physics):                       University of the North (UNIN)

NRF Rating


Currently teaching

  • Solid State Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics 

Fields of academic interests

Experimentalist: Solid State, Condensed Matter 

My research focus is on the development and engineering of new improved materials for applications in energy and health sectors to address global warming and finding cure/treatment to life threatening diseases. My projects are aimed at synthesizing and characterizing new inorganic host materials containing lanthanide ions and metal ions to explore their viability as new photonic materials. I develop long persistent phosphors, up-converting phosphors and soli-state supercapacitors with long cylclability.

Journal articles

  • H.E.A. Mohamed, K. Hkiri, M. Khenfouch, M.S. Dhlamini, M. Henini, and M. Maaza, Optical properties of biosynthesized nanoscaled Eu2O3 for red luminescence applications, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 37(11) (2020) C73-C79.
  • S.J. Mofokeng, L.L. Noto, M.S. Dhlamini, Photoluminescence properties of ZnTiO3:Eu3+ phosphor with enhanced red emission by Al3+ charge compensation, Journal of Luminescence, In press
  • S.J. Mofokeng, L.L. Noto, K.O. Obodo, O.M. Ntwaeaborwa, R.E. Kroon, M.S. Dhlamini, Synthesis and up-conversion properties of Er3+ doped ZnTiO3-Zn2TiO4 composite phosphor, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 38, 052802 (2020)
  • H.E.A. Mohamed, S. Afridi, A.T. Khalil, D. Zia, Z.K. Shinwari, M.S. Dhlamini, M. Maaza, Structural, Morphological and Biological Features of ZnO Nanoparticles Using Hyphaene thebaica (L.) Mart. Fruits, Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 30 (2020) 3241 – 3254.
  • R. Sigwadi, T. Mokrani, M.S. Dhlamini, The synthesis, characterization and electrochemical study of zirconia oxide nanoparticles for fuel cell application, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 581 (2020) 411842.
  • S.J. Mofokeng, L.L. Noto, D.V. Mlotswa, V.R. Orante-Barrón, M.S. Dhlamini, Stimulated luminescence properties of MgO:Al3+,Li+ prepared by microwave assisted solution combustion method, Physica B Condensed Matter, 582 (2020) 412008.
  • G.E. Nyongombe, G.L. Kabongo, L.L. Noto, M.S. Dhlamini, Facile up-scalable synthesis of highly crystalline electroactive Ni-Co LDH nanosheets for supercapacitor applications, Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 15 (2020) 4494 – 4502.
  • O.S. Odutemowo, M.S. Dhlamini, E. Wendler, D.F. Langa, M.Y.A Ismail, J.B. Malherbe, Effect of heat treatment on the migration behaviour of Sr and Ag co-implanted in glassy carbon, Vacuum, 171 109027. 
  • G.L. Kabongo, G.H. Mhlongo, B.M. Mothudi, M.S. Dhlamini, Time-resolved fluorescence decay and gaussian analysis of P3HT derived Ho3+ and Tm3+ doped ZnO nanostructures, Bulletin of Materials Science, 43(1) (2020) 43:48.
  • L.E. Mathevula, B.M. Mothudi, M.S. Dhlamini, Effect of Er3+ on structural and optical properties of microwave synthesized α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles, Physica B Condensed Matter, 578 (2020) 411698.
  • L.L. Noto, S.J. Mofokeng, F.V. Molefe, H.C. Swart, A.S. Tebele, M.S. Dhlamini, Luminescent dynamics of rare earth–doped CaTiO3 phosphors, Spectroscopy of Lanthanide Doped Oxide Materials, 2020, Woodhead Publishing, pp 57 – 86. ISBN: 9780081029350. DOI.10.1016/B978-0-08-102935-0.00003-4.

Professional positions, fellowships & awards

  • C2 NRF rating (2018 – 2023).
  • Y2 NRF rating (2012 – 2017).
  • 2019 Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in Research
  • 2019 Million Rand Club Award
  • Titans Nation Building 2018/19 award: Education and Training: Continental
  • Titans Nation Building 2018/19 awards: Education and Training - Country and Regional
  • Titans Nation Building 2014/15 award: Education and Training: Country        
  • Grant: NRF National Equipment Programme (R11.4m); 2019 – 2023.
  • Grant: NRF Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers; 2017 – 2019.
  • Grant: NRF Nanotechnology Flagship; 2014 – 2016.
  • Grant: Thuthuka 2011 – 2013.
  • Deputy President of South African Nanoscience Initiative - SANI (2016 – 2018).
  • 2013 Top 200 Mail and Guardian Young South Africans: Science and Technology.
  • Member of South African Young Academy of Science (2012 – 2017).


  • Optical properties of Up-converting nanocomposites co-doped with trivalent lanthanides ions for photovoltaic applications
  • Photonics properties of green biosynthesis of metallic nanoparticles via hyphae thebaica natural extract as a chelating Agent
  • Enhancement of post-transition metal-based superconductor materials for improved performance
  • A symmetric supercapacitor device based on Layered Double hydroxides
  • Up-converting Ln-doped materials for potential application in the treatment of cancerous cells by photodynamic therapy 
  • Microwave synthesis and fabrication of MnO based nanomaterials for supercapacitor energy storage applications
  • The development and characterization of lanthanide doped glass material for optical refrigeration
  • Battery-Supercapacitor hybrid devices for energy storage devices
  • Development and characterization of Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) material for energy storage