Department of Physics

About us

Established in the early seventies, the Department of Physics soon evolved into a leading centre in the country for advanced postgraduate education and cutting-edge research in physics.

The Department of Physics was established in the early 1970s. Since then, the department evolved into an advanced centre for research with outstanding work in Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics as well as in Experimental Solid State Physics.

Several illustrious Physicists from leading international research institutes, such as M. Fabre de la Ripelle (France), I. E. Lagaris (Greece), Lauro Tomio (Brazil), S. Oryu (Japan), V. B. Belyev (Russia), P. E. Hodgson (UK), K. Amos (Australia) and Jan van der Merve (South Africa) have been associated with this department.

The department has continued this tradition of excellence and has now become an internationally recognised centre for research in Few-Body Physics, Condensed Matter Physics and the Physics of Nanosystems. Many of the members of the department have received national and international recognition.

Last modified: 2019/03/25