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Sunnyside Campus and Conference Centre

Unisa Sunnyside Campus and Conference Centre is situated at the southern gateway to Pretoria, close to all major routes into Pretoria and the city centre. It offers superb conference facilities in charming heritage buildings. From 1902 until the 1980s it housed Pretoria Normaal Kollege and after that Pretoria College of Education. Unisa took over ownership of the property in 1992, and has redesigned five buildings on the northern part of the Sunnyside Campus to provide maximum flexibility, comfort and convenience for the conference attendee.

Building Two, the Sunnyside Conference Hall, dates back to 1909 and was recently renovated to accommodate 410 people. Building Four, Seven and Nine complete the list of conference facilities with a total of thirty-eight conference venues. Building Six, dating from 1910, houses the restaurant, an attractive facility to give you an opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. We restored all of these buildings to their original splendour through comprehensive building renovation projects.

The beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds with ample, secure parking ensure a memorable and exiting conference or function, first-world excellence and old-world charm.

Venues and facilities

Enoch Sontonga Conference Complex (previously known as the Unisa Sunnyside Campus Conference Hall) - building 2

Enoch Sontonga Conference Complex may now only be used for high profile events like music concerts, graduations and other management pre-approved functions.

This building dates back to the turn of the century and the style is that of the era when Wilhelmina was queen of the Netherlands. This venue can seat 410 people in an auditorium layout and it comprises the seating area (capacity 320), a gallery (capacity 90) and a stage measuring 10 x 6 metres or 60 square metres. The spacious foyer with a staircase leading to the gallery can be used for registration or for serving light refreshments. Dressing - and rest rooms flank the stage and can be used by speakers and performers.

Old meets new - building 4: ideal for workshops and day seminars - with break away rooms

This multi-storey building with modernistic architectural features consists of eight venues ranging in size from seating between 45 to 50 people per venue. In this building old meets modern in an architecturally pleasing manner. These air-conditioned venues can be sized to cater for your specific needs, as the furniture is movable.

On the ground floor you will find an ultra modern PictureTel video conference venue. Currently we can provide links to not only our Durban or Cape Town Regional Offices, but also to most of the major overseas destinations.

Acacia Restaurant - building 6

The orginal cafeteria was built in 1910 and its main features include incredibly beautiful stained-glass windows that also feature Wilhelminian impressions. The Acacia restaurant can accommodate 180 persons seated, but a cocktail setting will accommodate up to 300 people. It is ideal for champagne breakfasts, luncheons, theme dinners, gala banquets, exhibitions and cocktail parties. We can accommodate small parties in the Jacaranda Annex, which seats up to 50, while cocktail-type functions cater for 80 people standing and, for a really intimate function, 15 guests may look forward to a pleasant dining experience in the Lavender room around the fireplace.

Unisa's competent chefs compiled the menus and we can alter them to suit the client's own requirements, if the need arises. Our staff are all very experienced. We are fully licenced and can provide you with special vintage wines and other alcoholic beverages. We can also cater for more informal functions in the Jacaranda Square, such as spit braais or good old-fashioned barbeques.

For more information kindly contact Mandla Nkosi: Tel: 012-4841008

Oregan excellence - building 7: larger venues - ideal for seminars, conferences and training sessions

The double-storey building with it's 1950's South African modernistic features consists of nine venues. An interior woodwork theme is used in all of the rooms and the pleasing colors of oregan pine leaves a lasting impression on the visitor. The sizes of the rooms are as follows: one with a seating of 56, seven with a capacity of 98, and one larger venue with a capacity of 138. These larger venues all have banked floors with fixed desks and loose chairs. The foyer of this building is also ideal for registration and small exhibitions. A registration counter is fixed to the floor and, with prior arrangement, telephone-, fax lines and internet connection via LAN cable is also available for online registrations.

Where great minds meet - building 9: smaller and larger venues - all in one building - includes a boardroom

This double-storey building also dates back to the 1950's with the same local features as that of Building Seven. It is home to eighteen air-conditioned venues that range in seating size from an intimate nine to a large 108. The woodwork is kiaat. The larger venues are again equipped with fixed tables and loose chairs, while some of the smaller venues are equipped with movable furniture. The foyer of this building is also ideal for registration and small exhibitions. A registration counter is fixed to the floor and, with prior arrangement, telephone-, fax lines and internet connection via LAN cable is also available for online registrations.

A boardroom is also housed in Building Nine and currently seats 16 people. Standard chairs have recently been replaced by large black executive chairs and provides really comfortable seating. Large whiteboards are and a secretary's desk is also available in this room. This boardroom also has it's own lounge with a service counter. A full time waiter is also available on request. A separate exit door faces on the lovely Gadinia Square for a breath of fresh air.

Standard features

All the venues in Buildings Four, Seven and Nine are fitted with flexi-rails, white boards, screens and flip charts. Each venue is airconditioned to give you maximum comfort. The architects designed all of the venues for optimal speech acoustics and the entrances are sealed off with sound portals. Additional audiovisual equipment is available on request. The venues also feature a central control unit in the front for light dimming, aircondition controls, etc.

Venue reservations

This section is responsible for general administration and reservations at the Sunnyside Campus & Conference Centre.

All reservations made for the Sunnyside Campus & Conference Centre have to be done well in advance, and at least 10 working days before the intended day of use. An official application form is required for all venue reservations on campus and these form can only be submitted by permanent members of staff. No reservations will be made over the phone and or by way of plain e-mail requests. Only venue reservations requested by a fully completed official application form will be processed.

Also please note that all reservations are subject to:

Venue reservation application forms

External users:

Please download this form, print it, complete it in FULL and then fax it to us. The original form will be needed to finalise the booking.

Internal users / Unisa staff members:

All Centres, Bureaus, Institutes, Teaching Departments and other Departments within the Unisa community. Please download this form, complete it in FULL, save it, and then e-mail it to us at

Please be advised that all venue reservations now have to comply with the MANCOM approved Venue & Facility Booking Directive. Applications that do not comply will not be processed.

Mr DG Prinsloo (for admin enquiries only)
UNISA Sunnyside Campus & Conference Centre, Building 7, Room 1-16
Tel: 012 481 2903
Fax: 086 502 5432

Audiovisual services

Mr James Legodi
Tel: +27 (0) 12 481 2832 / +27 12 4298725
Fax: 012 484 1002

Please note: If we cannot accommodate your request at any time, an alternative measure will be discussed with you in order to accommodate your individual needs. The hiring of extra equipment from outside Unisa can result in extra cost for the account of the users.

Important: audiovisual application form

An application form must be completed for all audiovisual installations on Sunnyside Campus.

Download the audiovisual application form (DOC)

  • Internal users: You have to apply for audiovisual services in writing.
  • External users: Your application has to reach us within 14 working days prior to your arrival at the Conference Centre.
  • Print / Download the application form and complete it in full before returning it to us. To download these forms, right click on the link and choose the "Save target as. . . " option. You can then complete the form, save it and then e-mail it to us.

Equipment available

  • Video Cassette Player (VHS / PAL / SECAM / VHS / BETA / VIDEO 8 / UMATIC)
  • Video Camera
  • Video Monitor (72cm)
  • Public Address System
  • Slide Projector
  • Slide Sound Projector (Caramate)
  • Data & Video Projector
  • Overhead Projector & Screen
  • White boards & pens
  • Flip Chart Stands & Paper (paper only for outside users)
  • Tape recording facilities
  • Microphones (roaming/ radio / lapel and podium)
  • Interface for VGS / CGA and EGA

Logistical services

Mr Roy Ndlovu
Tel: +27 (0) 12 484 1099
Fax: 012 484 1002

A logistical team is available to assist you with your logistical needs. Various items are available for clients to use. Here is a list of some of these items / services:

  • Glass Ware: Water jugs / Water bottles / Glasses
  • Chairs & Tables: Extra chairs (for foyers) / Rectangular steel tables
  • Table Linen: Table cloths (White) / Overlays (Red, Burgundy, Blue & Green)
  • Red Carpet (Subject to availability and for VIPs only)
  • Podium
  • Marquees Tents & Umbrellas (Additional cost)
  • Water / Ice and Sweets / Bottled water (Additional cost)
  • Loose Standing Notice Board Stands for notices and directions (Subject to availability)

The Logistics Team will also assist you to rearrange loose tables and chairs into desired shapes according to your specific needs. Kindly communicate your specific needs to the team in good time, so that advance planning can be done for this.

Security & safety services

Mr Johannes Matlala
Tel: +27 (0) 12 481 2859
Cell: 084 36 36475
Internal speed dial: x 5365

The mandate of the Security Services at the Sunnyside Campus & Conference Centre is to offer effective crime prevention, protection and the safety of University assets, other valuable items, the lives of personnel and all visitors to the campus, and all this combined with friendly service.

Venues at the Sunnyside Conference Centre are locked at all times. On your arrival, please go to the building where you have to be - Security Personnel will then assist you to get access to the venue(s) you booked.

Catering services

Mandla Nkosi
Tel: 012 484 1008/9
Fax: 012-4841002

Please note that all catering for the Sunnyside Campus facilities must be done by the Unisa Sunnyside Campus Restaurant. No private catering is allowed on the campus.

Catering options are available:

Private functions

  • All functions must be confirmed in writing within one week from the confirmation date. A deposit of R300 (three hundred rand) must accompany the letter of confirmation.
  • We must be informed of any changes to times and/or the number of guests expected, at least 3 days prior to a function. Failing to comply with this arrangement will result in additional cost being charged.

Official functions

  • An official order form must be completed in full and sent to the Sunnyside Campus Restaurant, reaching us 1 week after confirmation.
  • For shorter notification this procedure needs to be completed within 2 working days after confirmation.
  • We must be informed of any changes to times and/or the number of guests expected, at least 3 days prior to a function. Failing to comply with this arrangement will result in additional cost being charged.

Last modified: 2019/07/30