HETL 2020

Aims and objectives

Participants from all over the world are expected to present their latest research findings. The programme committee encourages the submission of articles that communicate applied and empirical findings of interest to higher education professionals.

The conference aims to bring together higher education researchers and practitioners to share and promote best-practices, case studies, empirical research, diverse views and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in higher education.

The conference theme addresses the challenges and the sustainability character and nature of the ODL philosophy of access, flexibility and student centeredness.  It is recognised that many traditional contact higher education institutions have begun to use a blended or ODL mode to address the challenges faced though the need for massification and expanding outreach.  This conference will draw on higher education and ODL experts, academics and practitioners from around the world to debate critical issues and challenges confronting higher education in general and the ODL model in building social, political and economic development for sustainable futures.

This conference will not only promote and create awareness about the use of ODL provision in Higher Education but it will also assist in strengthening capacity of African Higher Education researchers, academics and institutions to improve on the quality of delivery of education specifically where the ODL model is drawn upon to enable expanded reach. The ultimate aim is to enhance quality in open, distance, flexible and online education, including e­learning.

Last modified: 2020/02/17