HETL 2020

Submission guidelines for discussion panels

Discussion panels aim to increase the capacity and knowledge of delegates around the latest scientific research, relevant policies or innovative programmes to implement and advocate for a review and formulation of policies. The focus is on transferring knowledge through presentation of research followed by discussion with the audience. 

Focus areas and submission guidelines for discussion panels

  • Policy and strategy formulation for sustainable development goals and/or e-learning in higher education
  • Implementation and evaluation of sustainable development goals and/or e-learning in higher education
  • Emerging trends and future challenges and opportunities for transforming teaching and learning in higher education

The following criteria will guide the writing of the discussion panel proposal:

Each discussion panel will be oriented around the three track topics and will consist of five or six panel members (presenters). Each panel will last 60 minutes and is a more intimate discussion format where each presenter will give a brief presentation (about 8 minutes for each presenter) followed by an in-depth Question & Answer discussion by all presenters and audience members. To aid their oral presentation, presenters may use computers and projectors (will be made available), or they may distribute summary hardcopy handouts of key points (must bring your own), or they can just deliver an oral presentation without any aids. The following format will be used:
Part I: 45 minutes, panel statements (presentations) by panel members
Part II: 15 minutes, questions from audience for panel members and interactive discussion between panel and audience

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the scientific committee and judged on the following criteria:

  • Does the proposal follow the guidelines?
  • Is the subject matter appropriate for the theme of the conference? 
  • Are the presentation objectives clearly stated? 
  • Can the objectives be achieved in the allotted time? 
  • Does the information have relevance for the rest of Africa and beyond?

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Last modified: 2020/03/03