HETL 2020

Submission guidelines for poster presentations

Posters allow participants to communicate their research in a succinct way.  Posters are also handy because they can be viewed while people are walking around and even after the conference sessions and therefore it is important that it visually attractive.   Participants will also be encouraged to nominate posters for prizes that range from the most innovative to the most visually attractive.

Posters are large and contain less text than an oral paper. Ideally, a poster should be on one poster board and should include the following sections presented graphically. Posters dimensions should be A0 portrait style (approximate dimensions: 1189 x 841 mm or 46.8 x 33.1 in).

  • Focused limited topic
  • Statement of problem addressed by the research
  • Graphic depictions of methods used
  • Logical flow of information
  • Results/ Discussion/ Implications for future action

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Last modified: 2020/03/03