Technology support

Wifi connections

Unisa-registered students can access the Unisa wireless network using the UnisaStudent network on campus. Electronic devices including laptops and iPads, etc. can also be connected to the Unisa wireless network.

Requirements for access to the wireless network:

  • Laptops must have Windows 7 or XP with the latest Windows updates (patches)
  • Laptops must have a valid copy of Windows installed
  • When Internet Explorer is used as the browser, only version 7 and higher are compatible
  • Anti-virus software must be installed with anti-virus updates not older than 30 days

If laptops do not comply with these requirements, library staff will not be able to assist with setting up the wireless configuration. Students will therefore not be allowed to access the Unisa wireless network unless these requirements are in place. Students should familiarise themselves with the Unisa Internet, Electronic Communication and Web Management Policy (PDF): If students encounter problems with setting up the wireless network configuration, they can ask for assistance by reporting to the Info desk.

Last modified: 2016/10/09