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Unisan to deliver keynote at Sasol tech education conference

CSET’s Dr Patricia Gouws will be setting the tone at the Sasol 5th Annual Technical Teachers' Conference, comprising workshops and plenary presentations from leading local and international thinkers in 4IR and technical education. Read more

Producing high-quality research is the goal

Having advanced from a Y2 to a C2 NRF research rating, Prof Felix Bankole says that the recognition shows the impact and quality of his research outputs in the field of computing. Read more

Ethiopian postgrads prepared for their PhD journey

Unisa’s Ethiopia Regional Learning Centre recently presented an experience-sharing programme to newly-admitted PhD students. Read more

Unisa a key player in global research on educational equality in a digital world

Unisa's Prof Paul Prinsloo and his co-researchers investigate educational equality and inequality in a digital world. Read more

Addressing key issues through interdisciplinary webinars

The College of Graduate Studies continues to provide leadership in interdisciplinary scholarship through webinars and symposia on a range of relevant topics. Read more

Facilitating research for peace in Africa

Unisa's Institutional Partnerships and Internationalisation unit continues to facilitate key academic linkages and research collaborations to advance intellectual thinking about conflict in Africa. Read more

Youth Day: Remembering and celebrating youth power

A young African Unisan reflects on the history and importance of Youth Day, and the need to keep the flame alive. Read more

International collaboration examines a 21st century auditing philosophy

CAS academics recently engaged with their Turkish counterparts to survey the rapidly evolving auditing landscape and its related tech tools. Read more

CAES celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity

"We are part of the solution" was the message from the Department of Environmental Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences on 21 May. Read more