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Visionary singer sees disability as a tool for self-reinvention

Unisa conferred an honorary doctorate of philosophy on Steve Kekana in recognition of his immense contribution to music and the personal crusade he undertook to challenge the narrative wrongly associated with being visually impaired. The university recognises the combined value of his stardom and impact on society Read more

Unisa says farewell to exceptional alumnus

Outgoing Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu, who graduated with a BCompt Honours from Unisa in 1997, embodied the values of integrity, selflessness, humility, and hard work. He steadfastly believed in the South African constitution. Read more Read more

Trailblazer in nano to lighten the electricity load

Boitumelo Mafalo Mabakachaba, a research student in the UNESCO–Unisa Africa Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, focuses on the development of energy-saving and power-efficient materials at nanoscale in response to the tremendous increase in energy consumption and the need for small and compact electronic devices. Read more

They’re the best of the best

In the curveball Covid-19 year, Unisa’s publications team in the Department of Institutional Advancement played ball and brought home no fewer than eight South African Publication Forum Excellence Awards! Read more

Analysing the impact of Covid-19 on the academe

Now in its sixth year, the Academic Development Symposium hosted by Unisa Western Cape underlined that as much as practitioners pushed toward the integration of educational technologies and virtual learning to operate seamlessly, the well-balanced ratio between teaching and learning that the 4IR promised did not live up to the teaching and learning and assessment promises that it advocated. Read more

‘The No Sleep Team’ revel in their LLBs

Nothing is going to stop us now—not even Covid-19! Eight Unisa College of Law graduates travelled from as far afield as Johannesburg and Saldanha Bay for a private celebration held at the Pigalle Restaurant in Sea Point, Cape Town. Read more

CE thrives in an ODeL institution

Unisa’s College of Education inaugural community engagement showcase illustrates how projects are able to use a variety of multimedia resources, such as MS Teams, video sharing, audio, reading, and interactive content, such as the Google Classroom, to reconfigure activities to remote learning and engagement experiences for beneficiaries. Read more

So where to, Afrika?

Advocate Sipho Mantula of the College of Law says that the Covid-19 pandemic exposed deep structural inequalities and weaknesses amongst and between communities and in some rural villages of our beloved continent. Read more

Leading trade unionist honoured by Unisa

The university conferred the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (honoris causa) on the first President of the National Union of Mineworkers, James Thokoana Motlatsi, in recognition of his revolutionary and influential role in the mining sector. “I am proud to be associated with an institution that has not diverted its cause for over 100 years.” Read more

He fought for the rights of marginalised miners

Unisa conferred an honorary doctorate of philosophy posthumously on Elijah Barayi as a way to honour his memory and his immense contribution to an equitable South Africa. He was a giant in the labour struggle and the university is proud to affirm his values of socio-economic and labour justice Read more