A fervent supporter of Africanised and decolonised education

As a result of his outstanding research into the history of indigenous education, Unisa’s Professor Johannes Seroto has deservingly earned a C2 NRF rating. Read more

Established scholar aims high

After receiving a C2 re-rating by the NRF for his expertise in the field of engineering, Prof Xinying Liu says that he aims to work even harder to get a better rating next time. Read more

Unisan recognised as outstanding reviewer for Materials Research Express

Dr Kaviyarasu Kasinathan has been selected as Outstanding Reviewer for the journal Materials Research Express in recognition of the high quality and timeliness of his reviews during 2020. Read more

Young researcher passionate about monetary economics

Her outstanding research on population growth, youth unemployment and economic growth in South Africa recently earned Prof Temi Lydia Leshoro a Y2 NRF rating. Read more

Talking science simply through FameLab

Master's student, Ginny Sasha Tito, rose to the challenge of communicating science to a general audience and took top honours at the Unisa heat of FameLab SA 2021. Read more

Ingenious response to student-supervisor interaction

Unisa's digital transformation journey has taken a major step forward with the launch of the Master's and Doctoral Students Supervision and Monitoring Dashboard by the College of Graduate Studies. Read more

Reflecting on consumer decisions through the lens of a consumer scientist

Delivering her inaugural lecture, Professor Elizabeth Kempen unpacked the importance of consumer decision-making, an important area within the field of consumer science Read more

Resilience and passion result in quality research

For Prof Janet McIntyre, being an NRF-rated researcher provides encouragement, assists when applying for grants and contributes to raising the profile of the university. Read more

'Writing does not equal research'

Prof Christo Lombaard, rated C1 by the NRF, argues that if research does not make a new contribution, nor take cognisance of the newest publications, trends, insights and debates, it is per definition not research, but simply writing. Read more

Globally impactful research recognised

Unisa’s Dr Sin-Yu Ho says her C2 NRF rating allows her to expand her research capacities in terms of research funding, and collaboration opportunities with domestic and international scholars. Read more