Erosion of capacity contributes to corruption

Delivering the keynote address at a summit hosted by the African Institute for Supply Chain Research at Unisa, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Lechesa Tsenoli, said that while the Covid-19 fronting and price escalation was very embarrassing, it also provided an opportunity to learn from mistakes made. Read more

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies must handle returned drugs better

They should develop their current strategies to be more sustainable by considering factors such as the firm's green image, political and social responsibility, and the economy, and also follow the guidelines for recall or withdrawal of medicine and medical devices in South Africa, says Unisa's Mpho Sharon Makaleng. Read more

It’s an SABR board shuffle

Unisa’s Prof Adewale Aregbeshola is now acting editor of the Southern African Business Review following the retirement of Prof Nico Martins. Read more

Top innovator bags another top award

Unisa’s Prof Marcia Mkansi was awarded joint second place in the European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies with her Research Methods Index. Read more

Highly cited ODL scholar has influence on many fronts

Prof Paul Prinsloo joins the prestigious Unisa Million Rand Club with an eye-wateringly large grant from a consortium of European foundations to research the question: How is secondary-level schooling being refigured through digital technology in different regions of the world and in what ways are these changes reproducing, exacerbating or alleviating in/equality? Read more

CEMS economists compile weekly Covid-19 report

Although they are not medical doctors or epidemiologists, the members of Unisa's Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Research Flagship Programme felt that they could make a contribution to fighting this pandemic by processing the cases reported on a daily basis. Read more

Artificial intelligence inspired by nature

"When you consider how elegantly nature copes with complexity, it makes sense to borrow these ideas to deal with complexity in the problems that the world is facing," says Prof Katherine Malan, a member of the Unisa One Million Rand Club. Read more

Striving to remain globally competitive

Prof Kerstin Jordaan, member of a very exclusive Unisa club, says that she sees many positive signs of an increasing focus on quality research rather than on the quantity of research papers. Read more

Integrating transport and other local services with digital solutions

Smart cities are the most efficient and potentially the most sustainable way to live. The community of the future will enjoy a better quality of life, says Prof Ciné van Zyl from CEMS, a member of the Unisa 2019 Million Rand Club. Read more

Stellar research in macroeconomics

Dr Sin-Yu Ho of CEMS, one of the recipients of the Unisa 2019 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research, is ranked among the top 23% of authors in South Africa and top 12% of authors on the continent. Read more