Open Distance and e-Learning Virtual Conference

ODeL Virtual Conference.PNG

Around the world, open, distance and e-learning (ODeL) has come into its own, propelled to the forefront of higher education by the ongoing global pandemic. Unisa, which aspires to be a leader in the global and African ODeL landscape, is preparing to host its 2021 ODeL Virtual Conference.

This virtual gathering of scholars, researchers, practitioners and emergent scholars will take place from 4 to 6 August 2021, under the theme “Mediating Open, Distance and e-Learning in the Advent of Global Crises”.

The current global health crisis has precipitated unprecedented disruption in the higher education sector, but it is not the only crisis facing the world. The pandemic has exposed a myriad of other crises that have been hiding in plain sight, such as the persistent inequities that millions of people encounter in attempting to access various socioeconomic opportunities, including opportunities to acquire higher education.

We know that ODeL has the potential to contribute to redressing these and other inequities, provided ODeL institutions focus candidly and resolutely on quality, improved teaching and learning and optimal faculty and support structures to support their students’ success.

Therefore, the purpose of the 2021 e-conference is to generate debate and consider practical and sustainable solutions for ODeL teaching, learning and research in times of global crises, using pre-conference workshops, plenary sessions and breakaway sessions to explore the theme and various subthemes.


Last modified: 2021/05/31