Student Health & Wellness

Being a University student is both highly challenging and rewarding. The student development department recognizes the importance of healthy living for students, especially given the many demands of obtaining your university education. 

The student health and wellness division has an array of programs and services designed to promote physical health and wellness, as well as a healthy life balance to ensure your success as a student.
Student health and wellness collaborates with departments, centres, groups and students from UNISA and partners with governmental and non-governmental organisations on the development, implementation, and evaluation of various programs, policies, outreach opportunities, and educational initiatives aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of students.


To provide health and wellness services to advance academic success and graduateness among UNISA students in order to contribute positively to their communities, the country and the world.

Work ethos

The student health and wellness unit at UNISA implements the wellness wheel model towards achieving and maintaining ultimate health and wellness.

Last modified: 2019/03/04