Unisa message to students: 3 April 2020

The lockdown

As with everyone else, Unisa needs to observe the lockdown and the applicable rules at all times. We urge staff and student not to visit any of our campuses until the national lockdown is lifted.

Recognition of student organisations and structures

Due to the national lockdown, the application for recognition of student organisations and structures has been extended until further notice. The Secretary General of the NSRC will communicate a new date shortly after the national lockdown is lifted.

SRC election

The 2020 SRC election process will continue as scheduled and the Dean of Students will provide timelines in this regard.

Fake news

Students should be careful about fake news. Unisa will post a message to students every Friday with updated information.

Open applications

Unisa has an open applications policy, but students should always ensure that the qualifications for which they wish to apply are not oversubscribed for that particular semester or year. 

Currently most qualifications are full for the 2020 academic year. The university will assess at the end of April 2020 whether any qualifications have space for the second semester of 2020.

Applicants can apply for qualifications that are open. Please refer to the application tool to view these qualifications. We are working on updating the application website soon.

Offers for semester 2 will be made during May 2020 to applicants that have met all the admission requirements.


The closing dates for assignments have been extended as follows:

  • First assignment: 24 April 2020
  • Second assignment: 8 May 2020

Please note: We have updated the assignment closing dates on myUnisa. If you were not able to upload an assignment because the system was closed, you will now be able to do so. The university apologises for any inconvenience you may have experienced due to the temporary closure of the system.

All assignment must be completed and submitted via myUnisa only. No e-mail or postal submissions will be processed. No assignments submitted via the assignment boxes will be processed.

How should I submit my assignments?

Submitting via myUnisa is fast and reliable. It’s also the easiest method. Simply follow the instructions onscreen. Please click here for a step-by-step guide on how to access myUnisa.

Payment of fees

We urge students to pay their fees via EFT. Click here for Unisa’s banking details.


We are working on finding a safe, fair and feasible arrangement to deal with the May/June 2020 examinations and will send a follow-up communication soon.

Call centre/Student Communication Service Centre (SCSC)

As a result of COVID-19, the SCSC is working with skeleton staff. We encourage students to communicate with us via e-mail only until further notice.


Due to the lockdown, most graduation ceremonies have been cancelled. If you missed your graduation ceremony, you will receive your certificate via courier after the lockdown has been lifted. We will, however, still give those students who would like to attend a graduation ceremony an opportunity to attend one once the pandemic has subsided. We will communicate with students once we have more information of the impact of the pandemic.

If you missed the previous messages:

Publish date: 2020/04/03