Reflecting, resisting and (re)imagining pandemics

Unisa's Institute for Gender Studies hosted a webinar commemorating International Women's Day that brought together distinguished gender scholars, gender workers and gender activists to share their work and how it has been challenged by Covid-19. Read more

Collaboration key to combat scourge of TB

Two Unisa colleges have joined forces to tackle the challenge of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. The focus of the research is the chemical design and synthesis of new TB drugs and biological investigation into several medicinal plants as a cradle of novel TB drug leads. #ItsTimetoEndTB #WorldTBDay Read more

Unisa’s renowned scholar in LGBTIQ earns prestigious nomination

Professor Azwihangwisi Helen Mavhandu-Mudzusi, Head of Graduate Studies and Research in the College of Human Sciences, is a finalist in the category of Established Researcher in the HSRC-USAf 2020 Medal in Social Sciences and Humanities for her outstanding contribution to social sciences Read more

Unisa Chair of Department humbled by nomination

Dr Fortunate Silinda, a research psychologist in the Department of Psychology, has been nominated as an emerging researcher for the HSRC-USAf 2020 Medal for Social Sciences and Humanities. Read more

Learning from the story of pioneering South African writer Sindiwe Magona

A literary icon, her autobiographies offer a way of understanding the country's brutal past in order to heal and move forward, writes Unisa’s Puleng Segalo in The Conversation. Read more

Psychology carries a dark past: how the discipline can be Africanised

Unisa’s Puleng Segalo and Julia Simango write in The Conversation that many societies on the continent still draw heavily on their traditional beliefs and cultural heritage and therefore it’s important to take these into consideration. Read more

Play your part in curbing road tragedy

As the festive season looms, Prof Ashley van Niekerk from Unisa's Institute for Social and Health Sciences reminds South Africans that alcohol intoxication continues to be the leading factor of road accidents locally and globally. He says general vigilance is required for both daylight and night-time driving.
#ArriveAlive Read more

What South African women told us about being the main breadwinner

Although society portrays a woman who earns a living as free and empowered, outdated values and stereotypes still promote discrimination against female breadwinners, writes Unisa's Dr Bianca Parry. Read more

How embroidery broke the silence around women's apartheid trauma

Puleng Segalo, professor of Psychology at Unisa, says that more communities could use art forms to confront gendered societal challenges. Individual and collective artistic expression can play a role in the attainment of a just society - and it deserves more attention. Read more

A must for serious research

The Office for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Human Sciences recently held a virtual rating information workshop to assist potential applicants on how to complete their NRF online applications. Read more