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Former student leader eager to make an impact in the law sphere


Shatadi Phoshoko

Having joined the #CircleofExcellence during the #UnisaSpringGraduations season, Shatadi Phoshoko, former National Student Representative Council’s (NSRC’s) Secretary-General, lauds the university as a great open distance and e-learning institution and encourages its students to do extra-curricular activities and acquire additional skills that can pave the way for a successful career.

Phoshoko graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the College of Law this September, and she is eager to make an impact in the law field. She says: "When I was young, I perceived lawyers as lawmakers, so I thought becoming one would enable me to effect some changes I wished for in my country." Phoshoko adds: "As I grew up, I realised that law was a multifaceted area and allowed students to practice in their areas of interest." She continues that she was fascinated by the idea of enabling access to justice, especially for the poor and marginalised communities.

Phoshoko’s term as the NSRC’s secretary-general ended recently, and she appreciates the student leadership experience, attesting that it was interlinked to her law degree, considering their commonality of advancing justice and representing the rights of students and society.

Phoshoko remarks that her areas of interest are social media and intellectual property (IP), and she dreams of becoming an IP lawyer. "I would like to focus my legal framework on social media as it is fast becoming another form of employment," she explains. "However," Phoshoko continues: "I realise that it is not regulated properly; hence, there is human rights violation that goes unpunished on its platforms, such as posting minors and invading people’s rights to privacy. Therefore, I am motivated to enrol for a Master of Law in Intellectual Property Law at Unisa," she elaborates.


Shatadi Phoshoko (centre) surrounded by her supportive family at her graduation ceremony

Speaking about her experience studying at Unisa, Phoshoko maintains that its flexibility enables students to empower themselves by getting involved in other projects outside of theoretical education and the skills they receive through its curriculum. According to her, this is essential as the current economy and transforming work environments require additional skills and experience.

Phoshoko advises Unisa students to have clear goals and persevere in their academic journeys despite challenges because it is worth it. She notes: "Take advantage of being Unisa students and get involved in activities such as volunteering to empower yourselves to create or secure employment." For Phoshoko, a degree alone is not enough; therefore, she urges students to network and join study groups on various platforms to lessen their study anxiety. "Unisa is a noble institution," she concludes, "so make the best of your stay". 


* By Nancy Legodi, Acting Senior Journalist, Department of Institutional Advancement 

Publish date: 2023/10/03

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