Environmental scientist in search of solutions to climate change

The 2012 Nigeria floods stimulated the curiosity of environmental scientist Dr Eromose Ebhuoma, prompting him to look into how extreme weather events adversely affect the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and how they utilise their indigenous knowledge systems to minimise the hostile effects of severe weather conditions. Read more

Praise for Unisa’s Ubuntu visionary

Featured in CEO World Magazine, Professor Moeketsi Letseka, incumbent of the UNESCO Chair on ODL at Unisa, is described by a peer as having a powerful vision to galvanise the university’s research capacity by leveraging upon research and development and increasing the horizons of open distance learning advocacy. Read more

Creating a resource network for collaboration in tech entrepreneurship

Through the Directorate of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, Unisa participated in the first Forum on Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Commercialisation Resource Network for Africa from 26 to 27 September in Nairobi, Kenya. Read more

Promoting the use of research evidence in policymaking

"I am deeply honoured to have received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research and am grateful for the recognition of my research work in the broad field of information science," says Prof Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha in humility. Read more

Ban it or embrace it: universities grapple with AI

In the age of generative artificial intelligence, the pressure is on universities to ensure their graduates are critical thinkers who know how to distinguish between fake facts and the truth. This was one of the key points made during a panel discussion on ChatGPT at Unisa's 2023 ODeL Conference. Read more

Universities urged to remain relevant through Comprehensive ODeL

Speaking at the 2023 International Open and Distance eLearning Conference, Prof Romeela Mohee, Higher Education Commissioner of Mauritius, reiterated the importance of flexible learning that is accessible to everyone, and further acknowledged that the Covid-19 pandemic has been an accelerator of online learning. Read more

Renowned African public intellectual and interdisciplinary scholar to speak at the 2023 ODeL Conference

As a scholar, public intellectual and seasoned university administrator with experience in the higher education sector in six countries on three continents, Prof Paul Tiyambe Zeleza will share his views at the 2023 Unisa ODeL Conference. (Image credit: Case Western Reserve University) Read more

SoLAR founding president to address Unisa ODeL conference

No stranger to South Africa, Dr George Siemens, who researches how human and artificial cognition intersects knowledge processes, will address the upcoming 2023 Unisa Open Distance and eLearning Conference. Read more

Creating partnerships to drive local, regional and national socio-economic development

Universities have long been knowledge discovery and innovation centres. They are the breeding ground for future leaders, scholars and changemakers. However, to truly make a lasting impact, universities must extend their research beyond the university's walls and form strong bonds with industry leaders. Read more

Celebrating Unisa's inclusive research agenda

The spotlight shone brightly on Unisa as scholars and established researchers, including academics, support staff and students virtually convened to unlock the secrets of reinvigorating research. Read more