Centre for Public Administration and Management

The Centre for Public Administration and Management CePAM offers various short learning programmes, courses, workshops and seminars to local, provincial and central government sphere role-players, NGOs, CBOs, communities and other interested clients.  The Centre is housed within the Department of Public Administration and Management.


Responsive to diverse educational and training needs, the Centre for Public Administration and Management is committed to a supportive lifelong learning environment empowering individuals personally, professionally and culturally to contribute to a global community.


CePAM was originally established to meet the need for capacity building at local government level. The aim is to make public management programs accessible to community leaders and officials and to equip them for effective service to the people. The outcomes based short learning programmes, courses and workshops of CePAM ensure:

  • customer and community participation,
  • improved skills and capacity,
  • professional ethics, and
  • realistic adaptation to changing circumstances.

Last modified: 2023/08/07