Department of Human Resource Management

"Geared to provide the most comprehensive mix of career-oriented qualifications."

The department of  Human Resource Management has geared itself to provide the most comprehensive mix of qualifications in the field of human resource management, labour relations and human resource development that are not only at the cutting edge of current best practice, but also allow for a meaningful life-long career path with multiple vertical and horizontal articulation options.

The career-oriented mix of qualifications is made up of specialist undergraduate programmes, i.e. Diploma and BCom degree focusing on generalist HR competencies, three Postgraduate Diplomas in generalist HR Management and specialist Labour Relations Management and Human Resource Development, and an Honours BCom programme in Business Management specialising in human resource management.

Our qualifications were meticulously designed with cutting-edge inputs from the industry with a view to afford our graduates the maximum benefit and opportunity to be successful in their chosen HR careers. All qualifications presented in this department are fully accredited to the professional body: SABPP (South African Board for People Practices).

We have assembled the best team of experienced, dedicated and research-active academic staff members with a wide variety of specializations in almost all competence areas of human resource management.

Last modified: 2023/08/07