Department of Applied Management

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Department of Applied Management is a unique and diverse department consisting of four different disciplines:


Our focus is on preparing students first to become entrepreneurs. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. However, with a qualification in entrepreneurship you can be a manager of a business, a corporate entrepreneur (someone running a business unit like it is his/her own business, CEO in business. Well known family businesses such as BMW, LG, SAMSUNG, TOYOTA, are all founded by entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can allow a student to become an importer or export of the products that are creatively and innovatively manufactured by him/her. The qualification can also equip a student that want to pursue franchising and venture corporation.

Transport and Logistics

Transport economics and logistics focus on the allocation and planning of resources to transport goods and people from one point to another. These principles are also applied within the tourism industry with a wider application in tourism distribution as well as information and communication technologies.

Tourism Management

Tourism is one of the world’s most dynamic and lucrative industries.  The programmes are designed to address the ever-changing needs of tourism societies and aims to equip students with managerial skills to implement strategic management aspects together with sustainable and responsible tourism practices. The array of knowledge related to entrepreneurship, leadership, and innovation within the context of tourism aims to enable student to start their own businesses and to create jobs.

Supply Chain Management

With a qualification in Supply Chain Management, you can become a distribution manager; transport manager, logistics manager; purchasing manager; procurement manager, supply chain manager, travel and tourism practitioner; event organizer, operations manager, passenger and/or freight transport entrepreneur.

For any further questions regarding any of our four sections, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr NH Manchidi
Chair of Department

Mrs. S Groenewald
Departmental Secretary

Last modified: 2023/08/07