Centre for Continuing Education and Training

About us

The Centre for Continuing Education and Training presents various training opportunities for people interested in and/or in person-oriented settings.  These opportunities provide people from all walks of life with the practical skills and theoretical background to increase their proficiency in relationships within their unique life situations.

The Centre for Continuing Education and Training has a rich source of expertise in education, training and capacity building and makes this expertise accessible and affordable to the broader community through the certificate courses and programmes described here.

By presenting certificate programmes and courses  the The Centre for Continuing Education and Training makes it possible for people to receive training that does not fall within the time and cost limits of the degree or diploma structures of formal university courses, and is accessible to people who do not necessarily have an extensive academic  background.

These certificates are aimed at:

Education and training practitioners and learners in industry, organizations and institutions, in-service and prospective teachers, and the general public.

Last modified: 2023/08/07