Department of Early Childhood Education


Our vision

The Department of Early Childhood Education strives to support early childhood education professionals through quality Open Distance E-learning (ODeL) to act in the best interest of individual children’s holistic development.

Our mission

The Department of Early Childhood Education’s mission is to:
Provide and support students with Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) education programmes that will develop them into critically reflective early childhood education professionals who are equipped with knowledge, skills and professional dispositions to effect quality practice for all children, from birth to nine years, in diverse contexts.
Conduct and initiate research that will address early childhood education and contribute to the body of knowledge in the field.
Engage in responsive community engagement projects that will contribute towards the development of the field of early childhood education and the early childhood education professional.
Expanding collaborative partnerships with other Institutions of Higher Education and Early Childhood organisations nationally and internationally.

Contact us

Dr TAL Phala
Chair of Department (Acting)
Mrs ME Magolego
Departmental Secretary
Tel: 012 429 4583

Mrs Sharon Baxter
Administrative Officer
Tel :012 429 4883

Mr Aby Kanyane
Administrative Officer
Tel: 012 429 2509

Ms BE Khumalo
Administrative Officer
Tel: 012 429 4666

Mr HL Ntsoane
Administrative Officer
Tel: 012 429 8415

Last modified: 2023/08/07