Department of Educational Foundations

Our vision

We see ourselves actively engaged in:

  • the academic development of students using appropriate forms of communication and technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience
  • innovative scholarship in our areas of specialisation while maintaining a balance between individual and team research
  • community service endeavours whereby we transmit our specialised knowledge and skills to improve schools and community organisations through the transformative power of education
  • peer mentorship  and coaching  in a spirit of enthusiasm, unselfishness and  mutual appreciation

Our mission

The mission of the Department of Educational Foundations is to demonstrate excellence in:

  • Tuition in an open and distance learning environment so that each student is prepared to become a highly qualified professional, grounded in one or more chosen foundational disciplines and capable of critical thinking across these disciplines
  • Research which informs educational theory and practice and strengthens the quality of tuition
  • Community service in partnership with a range of constituents to effect positive change in schools and community organisations
  • Collegial relationships in a community of practice designed to promote reciprocal growth among members

Contact us

University of South Africa
Department of Educational Foundations
PO Box 392

Tel: 012 429 6009/4698

Physical Address
Room 80 - 6th Floor 
AJH Van Der Walt Building
Mucleneuk Campus, Pretoria

Last modified: 2023/08/07