Department of Jurisprudence

The Department of Jurisprudence teaches the following foundational modules for the LLB degree:

  •  Skills for Law Students
  •  Introduction to Law 
  •  Introduction to Research Methodology for Law and Criminal Justice
  • Origins and Foundations of South African Law

The following modules are offered at a final year level:

  •  Legal Philosophy
  • -Professional Ethics
  • -Private International Law

The Department also offers a service module on Introduction to Law for Social Work.
Post-graduate offerings include: Masters and Doctoral supervision on various topics in the field of Jurisprudence, as well as a course: Private International Law Perspectives on the Proprietary Consequences of Marriage, as part of the LLM in Family Law.

The Department houses a Community Engagement (CE) focus centre, under the Flagship theme: Biotechnology and Medical law. The objective of the CE initiative is to provide solutions to current legal problems arising in the fields of biotechnology and medical law. The solutions benefit various stakeholders and the wider public.

Research conducted under the Flagship project contributes to the development of research within the College and knowledge within the health industry in general.

Subjects covered by the research include:

  • The development of genomic medicine;
  • Human bio banking;
  • Mental health;
  • Medical ethics;
  • Stem cell therapy;
  • Albinism;
  • Organ transplants;
  • Gamete donation;
  • Pharmaceutics;
  • Psychiatry;
  • HIV/AIDS; and
  • Critical issues around neonates.

The CE research project is expanding its focus to include indigenous African medicine.

Last modified: 2023/08/07