Learner Research Summit

Goals and Objectives

The goal of LRS is to provide a structure through which learners can demonstrate mastery of science subjects by creating, and presenting, a research-based project that is driven by their own interest in a topic and allows them to work within the same parameters as experienced researchers. In this regard to:

  • Empower, educate, and motivate learners to enjoy and become more proficient in mathematics, science and technology;
  •  Empower learners to be active researchers in science and mathematics;
  •  Empower learners export knowledge gained in research into their classroom learning environment;
  • Showcase the contribution of learners in science, engineering and technology through presentations.

The objectives of the project include the following:

  • To run a midyear workshop for educators, learners and mentors on research methodology and provide background to the scientific theme of the year;
  • To conduct annual LRS for learners from different high schools;
  • To build confidence and knowledge, skills and stamina for independent research through annual presentation at LRS summit;
  • To create collaborative working and learning environment through group research project;
  • To provide mentoring support to learners through their educators;
  • To develop guidelines on how mentors can recruit educators from high school to participate in the LRS project.

Last modified: 2023/08/07