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150 years of unlocking futures and potentials

Across the Muckleneuk Campus, this year’s autumn graduates came in droves, supported by their families and friends, draped in fabulous graduation outfits. They are a testament to Unisa’s commitment to shaping futures in the service of humanity and the institution’s 150th years of quality teaching and learning.

Many students credit the institution for giving them a sense of responsibility through self-paced studying while accumulating the necessary grit to overcome many obstacles along their path towards success, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Known internationally as the pioneer of Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL), Unisa prides itself as the first public university in the world to teach exclusively through distance education, offering many people across the globe from different economic and social backgrounds the opportunity to further their dreams of becoming graduates - some first in their families. 

The following students expressed their gratitude towards Unisa:

Chanelle Meyer, Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Management: Studying with Unisa has been quite a remarkable journey. During the three years, a lot has happened to me personally, and of course, Covid-19 also took its toll. Studying from home was also quite challenging, but with the help of study support groups, I had a great experience and graduated.

Khomotso Kgofelo, Bachelor of Accounting Sciences, Financial Accounting: The journey was not easy, but I am glad I did it and will continue pursuing another qualification. Regarding Unisa’s 150th anniversary, I would like to see the institution giving more to the black child.

Reginah Mamaru, Bachelor of Education: Covid-19 brought many trials to my studies, but I maintained course and coped. I am grateful for Unisa and my qualification. I would like Unisa to invite all graduates for its 150th birthday celebration.

Sydney Ogbonna Ihediwa: Diploma, Chemical Engineering: It has been quite a challenging journey but with perseverance and hard work, today I am graduating. We need to start telling the young ones that they can do it because I have been able to set the pace at my age. Unisa is a wonderful institution filled with wonderful people, and I am happy to be a part of them. This university has produced remarkable people, and I wish it many more years to come.

Thabiso Zwane, Bachelor of Science, Informatics: I did my qualification in four years, traversing through the pandemic and the frustrations that come with technical-related issues while writing exams. But overall, Unisa’s standard is too high; I am grateful for that. However, I would like to see more investment in the institution’s ICT infrastructure for its 150th-anniversary celebration.

Nettin Daya, accompanied by wife Avisha: National Diploma, Information Technology: Studying with Unisa is excellent; the syllabus was quite challenging, but I managed to break through. For Unisa’s 150th anniversary, I would like the institution to make visible more of its courses to reach out to people with different skills-sets.


* Godfrey Madibane, Acting Journalist, Department of Institutional Advancement

Publish date: 2023/04/09

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