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Accounting pundit appointed to lead Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences

Dr Moses Thabang Hlongoane is a distinguished scholar with an outstanding career, a leading expert and a highly valued contributor to teaching and research in accounting. In pursuit of academic excellence, Unisa appoints distinguished academics in various positions, including management roles, to assist the university towards its goal of reclaiming Africa's intellectual future and its place at the top tier of tertiary education institutions in the continent. Hlongoane was recently appointed Executive Dean of the College of Accounting Sciences (CAS).


Dr Moses Thabang Hlongoane, Executive Dean of the College of Accounting Sciences (CAS)

His academic journey began at Kosea-Moeka Primary School and continued at Ithuteng Commercial High School. From a young age, Hlongoane demonstrated leadership potential, serving as the secretary of a civic organisation in GA-Vuma village at just 17 years old.

Throughout his youth, he was passionate about sports, particularly football, karate and volleyball. However, his dedication to education and leadership truly defines him. Hlongoane is known for his advocacy of African languages and engaged scholarship, particularly in the fields of mathematics and accounting.

As executive dean, he emphasises the importance of incorporating African languages into all academic life. His extensive experience in accounting education and leadership is evident in his track record. Having served in various acting positions, including executive dean and deputy executive dean at CAS, he has proven his versatility and adaptability.

Under his leadership, Unisa's College of Accounting Sciences has seen significant advancements in teaching and learning, research, and community engagement. Hlongoane's dedication to enhancing accounting education and promoting financial accountability is reflected in his spearheaded projects and initiatives. His contributions to the academic community and the professional development of accounting students are invaluable, showcasing his commitment to excellence in education and leadership.

Contribution to the accounting profession

Throughout his career, he has made noteworthy contributions to the field of accounting education and management. Some notable achievements include the following:

  • Collaborating with industry partners: Hlongoane has worked closely with industry partners to develop practical training programs that align with the evolving needs of the accounting profession.
  • Implementing innovative teaching methods: He has implemented innovative teaching methods and curriculum enhancements to enhance student learning outcomes and employability.
  • Effective management as director of the School of Accountancy: Hlongoane has effectively managed faculty members and ensured the delivery of high-quality education.
  • Recognition as a senior lecturer and module-responsible lecturer: As a senior lecturer and module-responsible lecturer, he has been responsible for teaching financial accounting and reporting, contributing to the education and development of future accountants.

Passion for community engagement and academic citizenship

Hlongoane's commitment to community engagement and academic citizenship is evident through his active involvement in various initiatives:

  • Membership of professional organisations: Hlongoane was an active member of esteemed organisations such as the South African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA), the Certified Institute of Business Accountants (CIBA), and ABASA. Through these memberships, he contributed to advancing accounting practices and standards.
  • Leadership in educational initiatives: As a project leader and founder of the Maths, English & Accounting Tutorials in Soshanguve and Hammanskraal (2012 to 2015), Hlongoane provided vital support for learners, nurturing their understanding and confidence in academic subjects. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in establishing and organising the Makapanstad Career Expo from 2012 to 2014, providing a platform for students to explore diverse career opportunities and gain valuable insights.
  • Empowering learners: He is dedicated to giving back to passionate learners by empowering and inspiring them to make informed decisions about their future career paths. His initiatives aim to uplift and motivate learners to excel academically.
  • Engagement with community organisations: Hlongoane's passion for community engagement extends to collaborating with the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) district coordinators. He assists in managing 276 branches, contributing to the organisation's coordination and success in its activities.
  • Support for educational institutions: He has assisted several schools in developing and enhancing their financial policies while offering guidance on governance matters. His expertise in this area, aligned with his PhD research, has proven invaluable. Furthermore, his roles as treasurer and chairperson of various School Governing Bodies (SGBs) demonstrate his leadership and financial management skills, supporting the effective functioning of educational institutions.


In 2013,  Hlongoane was honoured with the Outstanding Career Development Project award by the College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) for his significant contributions to career development within the community.

Drawing upon his rich academic background, commitment to research excellence, and deep involvement in community engagement, Hlongoane is dedicated to advancing accounting education, promoting financial accountability, and positively influencing future accountants' growth. In his role as executive dean and a proactive researcher, he actively seeks to foster growth and achievement in the realm of accounting while also making meaningful contributions to the broader community.

Other interesting facts

  • He co-authored the Grade 11 textbook "Viva Accounting" (2008), published by Vivlia Publishers. He offered invaluable educational resources to students.
  • He is a founding member of the EMSSA (Economic and Management Sciences Students Association) of the College of Economic and Management Sciences.
  • Additionally, he has been a reviewer for articles submitted for publication in academic journals, contributing to the scholarly peer-review process.
  • Hlongoane has contributed as a reviewer for articles submitted for publication in academic journals, maintaining the quality and integrity of scholarly publications.
  • He also enjoys singing and listening to music.
  • He is a father of five, a husband, and a brother to three beautiful sisters.



*Submitted by the College of Accounting Sciences

Publish date: 2024/03/28

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