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Excerpt from Minister Dr Blade Nzimande, at the Inauguration of Dr Thabo Mbeki as Unisa Chancellor, 27 February 2017

Unisa 150 year celebrationThe vision of Unisa is to serve every country on the African continent regardless of language and cultural barriers. As its core values this University embraces ethical and collective responsibility, integrity, innovation and excellence and its belief in dignity in diversity. This vision and these values positions Unisa in its endeavour to prove its fitness for purpose for its own academic community but also its fitness of purpose in the context of globalised higher education and an African university with a world-wide footprint.

As an African university Unisa focuses on moving towards truly African scholarship, effecting cultural change for diversity and transformation, rethinking systems, asserting ethical, transformative and intellectual leadership, and discourse for change.

Decolonising the curriculum is no small matter currently in our discourse, and entails closely examining systems of knowledge production, epistemologies, methodologies and the impact and role of languages in producing new knowledge. At Unisa various initiatives are in place to deal with the issue of curricular and research reforms.

Unisa is therefore poised as an African university in active and deliberate pursuit of the ideals of the African Diaspora as a meta-narrative, and manifestations of the African Renaissance as a global conceptualization of African people and nations overcoming the current challenges confronting the continent.

Publish date: 2023/06/26

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