Research ethics

Research Ethics and Integrity Training

A hybrid training approach is followed at Unisa, which includes both contact training and online training and various levels of research training. Colleges/centers/departments/regional offices and the Research Integrity Office (RIO) offer research ethics and integrity workshops.

Awareness raising events/workshops refer to capacity development events that focus on the sharing of research ethics and integrity information and are usually of short duration (three hours or less).

Level one workshops are offered by facilitators knowledgeable in research. These workshops have clear objectives and last for more than three hours. Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance issued by the RIO.

Level two workshops involve an assessment of the knowledge acquired by the workshop participant, such as the online TRREE training course. The acronym 'TRREE' stands for Training and Resources in Research Ethics Evaluation. Unisa recognises the TRREE training as appropriate for level two training. Therefore, Unisa employees, in particular members of Ethics Research Committees (ERCs), are encouraged to complete the first three modules of TRREE to equip them with the necessary knowledge to fulfill their functions as members of Unisa Research Ethics Review Committees. It takes approximately two hours to complete a module and an average of 70% is required to obtain a certificate of successful completion of the course.

Level three training normally refers to a qualification in research ethics or research integrity, e.g., Postgraduate Diploma in health research ethics.

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Last modified: 2024/02/19