College of Economic & Management Sciences

Administrative Skills Training


This programme is designed to offer support to secretaries, personal assistants, administrative officers and office managers that could not attend formal training or further studies to equip them to perform administrative functions in the administrative environment. The focus of this skills transferring project is to mentor employees from small businesses that cannot afford to send them on formal training and to enhance their existing skills by attending conferences, training and seminars. Practical skills development will be offered once the need of the business is established. The project furthermore offers capacity building to disadvantaged communities and to uplift the community members with newly gained skills. 

By providing communities the opportunity to learn new skills to enhance productivity, to work on ground level with distant communities that find it challenging to gain knowledge due to travelling constraints, this project furthermore provides communities the opportunity to engage in informal training and attending workshops to both employed and unemployed individuals. The offering of the project depends on the audience that forms part of these sessions and the level of prior learning. The project collaborates with other registered programmes depending on the topics that these programmes select to be offered and the audience to benefit from the project. 

The project offers the following workshop topics: telephone etiquette, information ethics, oral communication, cultural diversity, conflict in the workplace, meeting procedures, basic finances and budgeting end-user computing, as well as time management and planning. The project follows an interactive approach and provides printed and audio-visual material through education and practical examples to uplift and empower people from South Africa. The motto of this programme is “We are empowered by the empowered”.

Last modified: 2023/08/07