College of Economic & Management Sciences

S@CC Leadership Development

This project has three objectives. While objective 1 is ongoing, it is scaled down at present, with only two planned meetings for 2019. Objectives 2 and 3 are the focus for 2019:

Objective 1:

Business leaders bring their skills, knowledge and experience into a partnership with principals to mobilize the community around a school to take responsibility for the wellbeing of the school, the learners at the school, and therefore the fabric of our society. Through formal leadership development sessions and community building workshops, experiential learning, and community of practice sessions and coaching support, the partners will mobilize active citizenship in the community surrounding the school. Their joint task is to facilitate stronger partnerships between teachers and parents, the school and other members of the community, thereby creating an environment that is conducive to achieving the learning outcomes in the school.

With the S@CC project experienced business and community leaders are given the opportunity to partner with principals in a Partner for Possibility (PfP) role. By pledging to jointly create a community building event for the school community, the principal and PfP also commit to develop their leadership capacity and create an opportunity to mobilise citizens and members of the school community to become actively involved at the school.

The PfP’s role is to work with the principal to mobilise and engage talents and assets in the surrounding community. Together they will enroll citizens around the school to become actively and meaningfully engaged in the challenges of their school.

Objective 2:

Research: Assessing the impact of the project on leadership development (business leaders and school principals and other leaders) and community empowerment with the Partners for Possibility Programme.

Objective 3:

In addition to the specific involvement with Mveledzho Primary, the project has also been expanded to present workshops on specific HR, LR, industrial psychology issues to assist principals with the knowledge to manage their staff contingency with regard of sound legalistic and management principles, as well as to experience personal growth in areas supporting their leadership role.

Last modified: 2023/08/07