Department of Marketing and Retail

The Department of Marketing and Retail Management has as its overall guideline the aim of being the leading department in marketing and retail tuition at tertiary level in South Africa. The specific formal objectives and goals in terms of academic and tuition content, research, academic support and community service all are in support of this overarching aim. The scope of the aim is South Africa, but the department actually aims to compare favourably in terms of content and tuition with any department anywhere in the world. 

The focus areas for the Department include marketing management, marketing strategy, retail marketing and strategy, consumer behaviour and marketing research. The Department is active in both academic and commercial research in these areas, and has established itself, in terms of pure numbers of academic students, as the largest in South Africa. We have an established SMEs skills transfer community project that entails training SMEs on marketing related fields so as to enhance their marketing skills. We also provide necessary marketing support here needed.  We also offer short learning programmes in marketing related fields.

Last modified: 2023/08/07