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Stories we tell to market the African brand


SACF participants


Prof. Christopher Mulaudzi (Director: School of Management Sciences, Unisa) and Prof. Thomas Mogale (Executive Dean: College of Economic and Marketing Sciences, Unisa)

Academics and representatives from government and the private sector recently discussed issues that influence the competitiveness and reputation of the Pan-African brand and Africa’s nation brands.

Unisa’s Marketing and Retail Department partnered with Brand South Africa to host the South African Competitiveness Forum (SACF) and the Pan-African University Dialogue during a two-day programme at the university’s main campus in Pretoria.

The event brought together academics and industry representatives from South Africa and African markets such as Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria.

The unpacking of the identified theme—Interrogating the Pan-African Nation Brand: Re- and de-constructing state capacity and the stories we tell to market the African brand reality—formed a golden thread for the dialogues.

The purpose of the forum was to identify opportunities and lessons from contributions made by delegates, which will be followed through in various collaborative projects.

Issues identified by the participants for further co-operation included, amongst others, the formulation of Pan-African marketing ideas and a commitment to participate in case study projects in an African context.

The department extends its appreciation to the panellists, South African Competitiveness Forum, but specifically to Brand South Africa, which shared a great deal of information, resources, and insights in order to further South African goals in a wider context but, specifically, in relation to higher education, enabling the opportunity for collaboration.

*Submitted by Melanie Gopaul

Publish date: 2018/12/04

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