Unisa Press

About us

Unisa Press is part of the University of South Africa’s Research Department, which consists of three directorates:

  • Directorate: Unisa Press
  • Directorate: Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Directorate: Research Management

Unisa Press publishes new academic and scholarly titles each year, screened and peer-reviewed through Unisa’s Senate Publications Committee.


  • To publish and disseminate excellent research
  • To find innovative solutions in an evolving publishing environment
  • To deliver sustainable service


  • Publish and disseminate research and knowledge development guided by integrity, quality, rigour and ethics;
  • Cultivate and promote an institutional ethos, intellectual culture and research experiences that are conducive to critical discourse, intellectual curiosity, tolerance, and a diversity of views;
  • Develop appropriate and efficient publication channels for research dissemination in the context of current global trends;Nurturing collaborative relationships with stakeholders in order to increase share and towards financial sustainability

Publishing model

Unisa Press functions within a classic university press model:

  • The Senate Publications Committee oversees the acceptance of publications and the quality of peer review processes.
  • Unisa Press publishes independent scholarly and academic books and has expanded into the broader specialist books arena. 
  • Unisa Press is also the publisher of accredited and non-accredited academic journals.

It publishes within diverse subject fields, from art history, architecture and psychology to sociology and African studies. 
Unisa Press publishes within five focal areas

  • knowledge generation and human capital development in response to the needs of South Africa and the African continent;
  • the promotion of democracy, human rights and responsible citizenship;
  • innovation and capacity building in science and technology;
  • economic and environmental sustainability;
  • open distance learning.

Last modified: 2023/07/30