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The role of publishers in developing future editors of academic and scholarly journals

The profitability and success of the publisher – whether open-access university publishers, such as the University College of London Publishers (UCL Press), or commercial publishers such as Thomson Reuters, or scholarly and academic university publishers such as UNISA Press – depend on the commissioning editor’s knack for selecting profitable and sought-after content. The editor plays an integral role in a publishing house and it is for this reason that publishers are the ideal partners to develop inexperienced and future editors, as a contribution to the field. Read more

COVID-19: disruptions, innovations and new trends in scholarly publishing

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch The COVID-19 pandemic forced leaders across the globe in every industry to evolve with speed, more so within the field of research, academic and scholarly publishing. This sector had to fast-track the implementation of technological changes relating to publishing sooner rather than later. Read more

The future: an integrated business approach to publishing on Blockchain

Blockchain technology is not only a system for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. According to the Euro Money Leaning, it is “a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system”. Read more